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  • Italian-Israeli Seminar about Space Technologies (Tel Aviv January, 26th -29th  2009).
  • Italian-Israeli Seminar about New Technologies and Materials for Jewelry (Tel Aviv March, 29th 2009).
  •  Meeting of Italian and Israeli Society of Neuroimmunology (Tel Aviv, March, 30th - April, 1st 2009) ·  
  •  Italian-Israeli Seminar about new Food Technologies (Agritech Exhibition, Tel Aviv May, 5th -7th  2009) ·  
  •  Italian-Israeli Seminar about Biomedical Technologies (Biomed Exhibition, Tel Aviv, June 15th -17th , 2009) 



  • Bi-national Seminar about Analysis and Monitoring of Water and Environment (Tel Aviv, January 22nd – 23th , 2008)
  • First Italian-Israeli Forum about Science and Technology (Tel Aviv April, 28th -30th  2008)
  •  International Conference "Leonardo da Vinci: knowledge and transgression in the beginning of modern era" (Tel Aviv, May 12th -14th  2008)
  • Third Meeting of Italian and Israeli Society about Gastroenterology (Eilat December, 11th -13th  2008)
  • Bi-national Italian- Israeli Meeting about Desertification in the Conference "Drylands, Deserts and Desertification 2008" (Sde Boqer, December 14th -17th  2008)


  • Bi-national Italian- Israeli Conference about Neuroscience (Weizmann Institute, March 12th -14th  2007)
  • Italian-Israeli Meeting about Industrial Applications of Amorphous Materials, with the title "Dynamics, Intermittency and non linearities from fluids to glasses". (Weizmann Institute, March 19th – 21st  2007)
  • Italian-Israeli Conference with the title "Shape Modeling and Reasoning for Biomedical and Industrial Applications" (Technion Institute Of Haifa, May 7th -9th  2007)
  • Italian-Israeli Seminar about Electronic Health (Telemedicine and EHelth) (Fair BIOMED, Tel Aviv, June 7th  2007)
  • Seminar about Applications on Complex Networks (Tel Aviv University, October 23th -25th  2007)
  • Bi-national Conference about Scientific Materials and Methods for the Archeology (Bar-Ilan University, October 30th - November, 1st 2007)
  • Italian-Israeli Seminar about Water and Garbage Treatment (WATEC Exhibition, Tel Aviv, October, 31st  2007) 



  • Workshop in Astrophysics on "Supernovae, Cataclysmic Variables and Gamma Ray Bursts" (Tel Aviv University, December 12-13, 2004);
  • Workshop on "Measurements and Uncertainty Evaluation in Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and Scanners and their Implication on Design and Reverse Engineering" (Technion, Haifa, November 29-30, 2004). 
  • Industrial Design (Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan, May 18-20, 2004);
  • “Oncology” (Haifa, May 6-7, 2004);
  • “Water: Management and Environmental Issues” (Sde Boqer, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, March 10-12, 2004);


  • “Neuronal Signaling: intra and intercellular communication" (Eilat, December 13-14, 2003);
  • “Digital Access to Scientific and Cultural Heritage” (Jerusalem, December 10-11, 2003);
  • “Agriculture: Research and Applications” (Tel Aviv, December 7, 2003);
  • “Advanced Topics in Materials Research” (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, November 16-18, 2003);
  •  “Cognitive Neuroscience” (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba; 18–October 21st, 2003);
  • “Computer Science: Research and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Industry” (Tel Aviv, June 17-18; Haifa University, June 19, 2003);
  • “Molecular and Cellular Biology in the Life Sciences” (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot);


  • “Environmental Technologies” (Tel Aviv, October 13-15, 2002).


The Italian-Israeli cooperation has gained a significant boost since the Inter-Government Agreement on industrial, scientific and technological cooperation entered into force on October 2002. Since then, a number of joint Italian-Israeli Meetings have been organized in Israel, with the financial support of the Italian Government. The total number of Italian participants in all eleven bilateral Conferences has reached impressive figures. The topics of the Meetings were (in brackets, the venue and the date);
About 40% of Italian participants came from twenty-five different Italian Universities while all seven Israeli Universities were involved in the Meetings.