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Political Cooperation

Against the background of the peace process (as difficult as it might be), Israel looks to Italy as a to a really inspirational model: a large Mediterranean democracy, which is able to reconcile its technologic development with the attention paid to family and social life, as well as to the more vulnerable components of the population. Israeli Authorities also appreciate the firm and consistent policy of all our institutions in countering the expansion of any form of anti-Semitism.
Italy, in turn, remains committed to supporting the Middle East peace process, by promoting the implementation of the Road Map that should lead to the creation of a Palestinian State, living side by side with Israel, peacefully and safely, within internationally recognized borders.   In this regard, Italy believes that the peace process has to be founded on the principles of rejection of violence and on mutual recognition between the parties. On one hand, Italy condemns all terrorist acts, including rocket launches on Israeli cities; on the other, though upholding the right to self- defense as it is internationally recognized, Italy deems it necessary to preserve the principles of proportionality and the protection of civil population, to loosen the restrictions to Palestinian population's freedom of movement within the Occupied Territories and to refrain from settlement activities.
The intensity of bilateral relations is highlighted by a consolidated tradition of frequent visits at Ministerial level (see Visits). Far from representing a mere exercise of photo-op diplomacy, such visits have confirmed the value of Italian contributions to the Israeli Government's initiatives aimed at fostering relations with the moderate Arab countries of the Mediterranean and the Gulf area, in order to give an impulse to the revival of peace process, as well as the importance and richness of bilateral relations.
In legal terms, Israeli-Italian relations are reflected in a series of agreements and understandings between the two countries (see Agreements)